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Our Mission

Protecting our tradition and culture from getting extinct.

  • Our mission is to cater for the requirements of the customer directly from the manufacturer, creating an earning opportunity for the traditional artists who are suffering due to modernization and lack of demand for traditional items. Catering for our customers abroad also, becoming the most trustworthy and secured platform for buyers and sellers. Quality and customer satisfaction is our prime objective. 
  • Protecting our tradition and culture from getting extinct.
  • Madhura Arts strives to become the competitive sales and marketing online platform of India.
  • We are looking towards bringing back our Indian traditional art and culture on track as it’s on a verge of extinction due to rapid urbanization. Handmade traditional items are now being replaced by machine-made. In the next 5 years, we are aiming at connecting to maximum states and their art and culture.

Our Specialities

Founder's Info

Founder & CEO - Madhu Singh

Our Story

A lady who defies age and number & holds her dreams close to her heart only to manifest them into reality. Being an educationist for more than 19 years, her journey into the glamour world as Mrs Congeniality Queen 2019 @Mrs. Maharashtra Empress of Maharashtra was not at all easy. She from Pune is an active member of the National Human Rights Federation, Maharashtra and associated currently with Ensemble Entertainment Int as a Creative Director and also a founder of Madhura Arts along with her friend, involved in social service because she believes its always necessary to give back to the society. Taking this into consideration the idea of forming Madhura Arts was done so that we can support the artists from rural areas who are the pioneers in making the art and cultural products and we connect with the end-users to sell the products at a much reasonable cost so that the buyers and the manufacturer both are benefitted. 

Madhura Arts works on an aggregator model.

_ Madhu Singh

Why To Choose Madhura Arts?

India is always known for its rich heritage of art and culture and unity in diversity. Yes, we proudly can vouch for its different art forms like dance, paintings, architecture, poetry, etc. Madhura Arts is coming up with a vision of connecting people from different geographical grounds through art and culture. We are trying to revive the importance of art and culture and hence connecting with people to keep our Indian heritage and tradition alive

India has a rich cultural tradition which is a harmonious blend of art and philosophy. Madhura Arts is coming up with a vision to provide the artists not only the proper platform but also an income opportunity.

Madhura Arts aims at connecting Indian culture abroad too. There are many people from out of India who embrace Indian arts and culture and want to connect with them. We are here to create a bridge between them and Indian artists so that we can make it available at a reasonable price.  

Our logo proudly represents our aim and vision of connecting people by two emerging hearts, a letter ‘A’ in the middle representing Arts using colours of our national bird “Peacock” and Lotus which again represents our national flower.


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Kudos for a wonderful experience of purchasing Art at your website! madhuratrs.com is, Keep up the good work!
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I found the service standards of Madhura Arts of a very high order and I have no doubt that yours is an organization that can be relied upon for adopting high standards. The Ganesha that you sent to me in Australia was well packed and came through well
Zasha Swan
From Australia