Founder's Info

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Founder & CEO - Madhu Singh

Our Story

A lady who defies age and number & holds her dreams close to her heart only to manifest them into reality. Being an educationist for more than 19 years, her journey into the glamour world as Mrs Congeniality Queen 2019 @Mrs. Maharashtra Empress of Maharashtra was not at all easy. She from Pune is an active member of the National Human Rights Federation, Maharashtra and associated currently with Ensemble Entertainment Int as a Creative Director and also a founder of Madhura Arts along with her friend, involved in social service because she believes its always necessary to give back to the society. Taking this into consideration the idea of forming Madhura Arts was done so that we can support the artists from rural areas who are the pioneers in making the art and cultural products and we connect with the end-users to sell the products at a much reasonable cost so that the buyers and the manufacturer both are benefitted. 

Madhura Arts works on an aggregator model.

_ Madhu Singh